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Club management


Marko Schier

(board member)



Culture and nature protection officer


Business graduate, building biologist IBN and permaculture designer


Ewelina Schier

(supervisory board)


Internal consulting


Social worker / social pedagogue (Bachelor), diploma Montessori pedagogue


We have founded our non-profit association "CONVENIT e.V." founded in summer 2020. 

Our desire is to bring people from different population groups, cultures and ages together to make a difference together.


With our projects we specifically promote:

- Youth and elderly care

- Arts and Culture

- popular education

- nature conservation

- Helping those persecuted politically, racially or religiously

- tolerance and international understanding

- mutual appreciation 

Everyone can be proud of themselves and has the opportunity to define their future to make a difference in the world.

our mission

Promote mutual understanding and appreciation.

Across groups, cultures and generations.

Eine Rede halten
Our Mission

Unsere Vision

A festival where everyone has the opportunity to immerse themselves in the most varied of world cultures. As part of joint workshops, lectures and symposia.

We look forward to any kind of support!

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