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Living with the Maasai

The estimated 500,000 to 1 million Masai live in the Masai steppe. This extends from southern Kenya to central Tanzania across the regions of Arusha with the Ngorongoro Area and Lake Natron, Kilimanjaro, Manyara and Tanga. Until a few years ago, they lived their century-old way of life as nomads in strong connection and in harmony with nature. Unfortunately, the Masai are increasingly being pushed out of their original habitats in the country and their area is becoming smaller and smaller. As a result, the nomadic way of life is becoming increasingly restricted.

The resulting increasing domestication presents the Masai with completely new challenges. The usual nomadic life in harmony with nature is no longer possible in some parts, so that in recent years school attendance and vocational training, as well as farming (usually corn for ugali and sunflowers for oil) have become necessary. Some families lack the simplest resources such as fabrics for clothing and blankets, school fees and utensils for daily living needs.

Birgit and Michael from Convenit e.V. were able to build a special friendship with a tribe in Tanzania in the Kiteto district near Lesoit. They were warmly welcomed into their Enkang by the Masai and were allowed to live with them for a week. They were fascinated by their natural, minimalist way of life and how the Masai lovingly care for their belongings and use them to the end.

In consultation with the Masai, Birgit and Michael were able to buy the most important things at the moment, such as a cow and food to support the family. They received very beautiful, loving and funny impressions and insights that were also very foreign to our culture. There will definitely be a reunion.

Attached are some photos and a video from Michael with great impressions from the trip.


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