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Schanzenpark picnic

On September 30th, 2023 from 3 p.m. we cordially invite everyone to a picnic and a game of boules in the Schanzenpark. At the same time we are introducing our new neighborhood rickshaw. The “Über den Tellerrand” association provides the food and its mobile kitchen “Bolle”, where you can also cook together.

We see the Schanzenpark picnic as an opportunity where people from different population groups, cultures and age groups come together through shared activities. By cooking, playing and discussing together, we can get to know each other, develop an understanding of each other, gain appreciation for different perspectives and make friends.

At the same time, this is also the kick-off event for our first neighborhood rickshaw. From October onwards, the neighborhood rickshaw will be on the premises of the Leja Foundation in Thadenstr. 120-122 are available to everyone. Anyone who would like to go on a trip with seniors in their neighborhood who have limited mobility is welcome to contact us. We will then arrange an appointment together for the introduction (rickshaw driving license) and we can get started.

We would like to thank the Saga Foundation, who covered a large part of the acquisition costs, and the Leja Foundation, who provide us with the parking space and electricity free of charge.


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