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older rickshaws

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Senior rickshaws provide free rides to elderly people with limited mobility, mainly residents of retirement homes and retirement homes, offered. Our goal is to help older people re-engage in society and restore a sense of belonging. All rickshaws are powered by an electric motor.

Rickshaw drivers are mainly schoolchildren, students and interns. In collaboration with the juvenile court, young people can also carry out community service with us. During trips there is an exchange between young and old. Mutual understanding, respect and appreciation are encouraged. Interesting conversations and debates take place.

Each rickshaw ride offers seniors and riders a little adventure in which they share memories and life stories. A rickshaw ride enriches both parties and sometimes he makes friends with strangers.

After the successful launch, the response was overwhelming. Currently, we have managed to install another rickshaw in the north of Hamburg. There, Nicoline (photo on the right) takes care of volunteer management.

We currently have three rickshaws in Hamburg and many rickshaws from other major initiatives which we have successfully advised. .

We are very pleased with the excellent articles that have appeared in the press, radio and television. The response was excellent. We would like to thank you very much for your many positive letters. It motivates us a lot and releases extra energy.


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